♥️ DESIGNED TO DIRECT AIRFLOW AT THE PERFECT ANGLE – The Power Styler attachment creates smoother, shinier, sleeker looking hair, in less time. The renowned ceramic properties smooth down the hair cuticle and give the most incredible mirror-like shine. The angle of The Power Styler also concentrates the airflow to cut down on frizz, dry hair quicker and helps your style last longer.

♥️ THE POWER STYLER can be used by any and every hair type: straight, wavy, curly or Afro hair are no match for The Power Styler. Not only can they be used to improve straightening hair, but also to create beautiful tousled beachy waves and glamorous curls – perfect for a night out. The Power Styler can be used on natural hair, wigs and extensions.

♥️ GET SALON QUALITY HAIR in the comfort of your own home, and save yourself time. There is no need to learn new techniques – simply attach The Power Styler onto your existing hair dryer nozzle (check nozzle size guide) and blow dry your hair as usual. Get the sleek hair results that you can get from a flat iron, with the freedom to create any style you desire, like you do with a blowdryer.

♥️JOIN THE POWER STYLER REVOLUTION and blow dry your hair in a fraction of the time – Simply attach The Power Styler ceramic attachment and turn your hairdryer into straightening irons to achieve salon quality results. The ceramic plates heat up more than the regular plastic nozzle concentrator that comes with your hairdryer, which gives an improved finish to your blow dry. The cleverly designed waves ensure that each and every strand is smoothed and straightened, once again cutting down the tim
♥️ Choose from our stunning and vibrant selection Pink, Blue, Black or Silver or even match with your hairdryer. Small and light weight makes The Power Styler perfect to take with you on your holidays, meaning less time wasted styling your hair, and more time to go and enjoy yourself. Makes an incredible gift for birthdays or at Christmas time too. The Power Styler is for anyone who wants amazing, beautiful hair! Adjustable clips, simply tighten the clips to fit securely onto the nozzle.
It’s Simple Blow dryer + Straightening Iron = The Power Styler
The Power Styler is a revolution in blow drying hair!!
It’s an amazing ceramic attachment that clips into the end of your hairdryer nozzle (please see guide to see the nozzle shapes that fit The Power Styler). Ceramic has long been proven to be effective in the styling of hair because it evenly distributes heat creating no cold spots or over heated areas which could lead to the damage of hair.
The Power Styler is just so simple to use – clip onto your hair dryer nozzle and… well, that’s it! Blow dry your hair as normal! What could be easier? No new techniques to learn or anything!
Once clipped on to the nozzle, it improves your blow dry to give you incredible results:

Silkier hair
Frizz free
Lasts longer than usual
When blow drying hair with The Power Styler, it helps to set the style for longer which means you need to blow dry and style less often!
The Power Styler has been cleverly designed to sit at the perfect angle to concentrate the airflow more than a regular nozzle and helps to direct the airflow downwards helping to seal the cuticle of the hair, creating shinier hair.
The clever waves at the top, ensure that each and every strand of hair is touched by The Power Styler ensuring a faster, longer lasting blow dry.
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